Individuals with disabilities, who receive services from Cochav Hatzafon, benefit from a wide range of enrichment and leisure activities during the work day at the employment centers, and in the afternoons and on weekends in Cochav’s residential facilities.

These workshops and activities are conducted by professional instructors and / or volunteers. They regularly and on a daily basis utilize community facilities (library, pool, gym, cultural center, etc.).

Photography | therapeutic horseback riding | drama | drumming with “Ohr Hatof” band | bicycle riding | tai chi | swimming | hydrotherapy | Mamanet | Special Olympics competitions in a number of sports categories | communal gardening | Kabbalat Shabbat | yoga | keyboard playing| Thai boxing | karate | papier mache | folk dancing | therapeutic gardening | vacations overseas |trips around Israel   
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Zvia Edri, Leisure Activities Director
Tel: 050-821-2578  
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