The Cochav Hatzafon Association manages a variety of housing options, located in the heart of residential neighborhoods/communities in Northern Israel.
This enables adults with disabilities to leave their parents' homes and live independently with a group of equals, just like other adults their age who live independently.
These services are designated for disabled individuals, over the age of 21, who come from a broad spectrum of population sectors.
This housing provides these individuals, under one roof, with a warm home, a framework for a rich schedule of recreational activities, and guidance in forming social connections and integrating into the community.
 Cochav housing is equipped with high-standard modern facilities that are located in rural areas, surrounded by nature, and yet are near local community centers.

All Cochav residents receive individual care and attention, including assistance with developing skills that will enable them to function independently in the work force and to participate in social recreational activities. The overall focus is on improving participants' quality of life, while retaining continuous warm relations with their families.
The housing operates within the community and with its participation. Many local volunteers spend time, on a regular basis, with Cochav residents to help them feel connected to social life in the local community and contribute to the diversity of their activities, and the feeling of connection to the community.
The Cochav housing staff includes a director, a social worker, advancement program coordinator, a recreation and community relations coordinator, a physical therapist, a psychiatrist, and counselors. 

Permanent housing

Transitional housing

A Supportive Environment

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For details, contact:
Itay Ifergan, Housing Director
Tel: 052-821-2722 ,04-997-1790
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