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Cochav Hatzafon Association

The Cochav Hatzafon Association (a registered nonprofit) develops and operates a continuum of comprehensive quality services (treatment and rehabilitation, housing, employment, social and leisure) for disabled people, who are residents of the northern periphery of Israel.

We believe that every person has a right to a life of equals among equals, a right to fulfill his personal potential hidden inside him, and a right to receive the services necessary to realize this potential.

The Association seeks to develop opportunities for personal growth within disabled people, that will lead them to integration in the various circles of life within the community. Unique platforms enable service recipients to maximize available options and to improve the quality of their lives.

It’s important to know that the Association provides services for the entire range of disabilities (emotional, physical, autism, mental developmental, sensory, communication disorders, etc.) for all levels of functioning, for all population sectors, and all ages (from age three to elderly).

The Association’s centers are multi-cultural and set an example in practice of co-existence and tolerance.
They are located in the heart of communities, so that naturally and daily there is a meeting of equals between the various populations.

The nonprofit was established in 2003 and currently serves 800 residents of the North. Its facilities are spread from Acre to the Northern Golan Heights.

Actives are conducted in full cooperation with the nonprofit Mercaz Cochav Ma’alot Tarshicha, governmental offices, local and regional municipalities and a wide spectrum of philanthropic partners. The organization’s good reputation precedes it in its professionalism, flexible thinking and customized fitting for the needs of the rehabilitants, ability to develop infrastructure and operate initiatives with devotion and with a meticulously high quality.
TheAssociation operates with complete transparency and is certified by Midot for its excellent quality standard. The Association, its intuitions, and its CEO have won numerous awards and citations for their work, including the Standards Institution of Israel’s highest rating for quality and excellence (five stars) among industrialists and nonprofits in the Galilee, the Paul Harris Award- the highest award given by Rotary International, Beit Issie Shapiro’s Trump Benevolence Award, Shalem Foundation Award for Excellenc, and more 

The Association’s Frameworks include:

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For further information:
Geula Chanufa, Association secretary
Tel. 04-957-0129
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Ma'arag 1 Meron St., Kfar Vradim, PO Box 1210, Zip code 2514700
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