Cochav Hatzafon developed and operates a service called “A Supportive Environment” for people with mental developmental disabilities, who wish to remain living at home with their families, but who need assistance with various aspects of daily life.
Participants using this service receive help with all the minutiae that makes up daily life; in an effort to provide them with real time assistance, which advances them, and a feeling of consistency and knowledge that a familiar person is there to help them systemically in settings which are familiar to them. “A Supportive Environment” creates a long-term foundation and support that provides these young adults with a safe and friendly environment in their homes, surrounded by their families and familiar communities.
“A Supportive Environment” operates in Ma’alot, Nahariya, Ma’aleh Yosef, Fassuta, Kafr Yasif, Ein Qiniyye, Arrabe, Jadeidi-Maker, Abu Snan, Jish, and Kisra-Sumei.
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For details, contact:
Gabi Polizer, social worker, Deputy Director
Tel: 050-579-2790

A Supportive Environment

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